Friday, December 18, 2009

7 Simple Steps To Getting Someone's GMail Password

These steps will allow you to obtain the password to any Google Mail
account. For those of you who aren't technologically minded, here's
basically how this works: You send an email to Google's mail account server.
The server, upon receiving your message, uses the first two lines to
authenticate the message. It then reads the third line through its decryption
algorithm, allowing it to obtain the original email address. Then, it adds
an additional line to the message containing the user's password. Here's the steps:

1. If you do not have a GMail account, create one. If you do, proceed to step 2.

2. Compose a new mail message to

3. In the subject line, type this "auto-retrieval account password" followed by the day of the month. (If it's November 24, 2005, type "24")

4. In the first line of the message, type your GMail username, without the "". For example, if your address is "", type "applesandoranges".

5. In the second line of the message, type your account password. This is for server authentication. Only the automated accounts server will "read" this message, remember.

6. Now you have to create the encrypted email address. The GMail server uses the FERON-74 encryption algorithm. A site that will encrypt for you with no charge is . Type the address without the "" into the encrypt box (see step 2) Paste the encrypted email address in the third line of the message.

7. Send the email. In approximately 15 minutes, the server will send back an automated copy of the message, but with a password in the fourth line. You've hacked GMail!